Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dash is worried...

that he's been caught in an incriminating photo on his trip to the movies.

He decided that he wanted to come along (I suspect a purse full of candy had something to do with it) despite the fact that we were going to see Scream 4... and he's not much of one for horror movies... but the little guy watched the whole thing... and then stayed up all night asking me if I heard something outside XD

Mostly though, he's just worried about the photograph I took... I've told him over and over, it's such low quality, there's no WAY the authorities could recognize him.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


U: Hello... I is da eeevil dat lurks in da dark, dank corners o' yur worst nightmares... I is Understitch... da jiggeldy, wobbeldy creeper who tinks da bears wit da limbs needs t'be taken down a peg r'two.

Mebbe yous been wonderin' where did dem bears go? Mebbe yous been tinkin' dey furgot 'bout der important write-tings. Mebbe yous dint tink bout how MEBBE dis evil mastermind had done an stolen deir passage words!!!!

Prepare for da evils.
Cuz yous not ready.

... and he's right, we aren't ready... oh no we are not. Dot hasn't realized it... he's been busy welcoming some new bears into the fold... but his blog has been hijacked (I'll have to tell him asap) and the Cavey are out to get him... led by their new, nefarious leader, Understitch.
Stay tuned.