Friday, January 29, 2010



(In case anyone is wondering about this strange scene, I made a mouse the same size as Dot today... and it scares the bajeebus out of him!)

Monday, January 25, 2010

The old and the new...

Dot: Hey folks, I just wanted to show off my new necklace...

Dot: It's actually a sentimental piece...
H: Well, you're a sentimental piece too, so you go together well.
Dot: What?! How could you?! I thought you liked me!!!
H: Huh?!

Dot: Are you going to throw me in flames? Drop me in the river from a tall bridge?
Offer me up to some obscure star god so he can eat my stuffing?!
H: SENTIMENTAL... not sacrificial!

Dot: Oh... what does sentimental mean?
H: It means you're very special.
Dot: OH! Well... yeah... wait... so this necklace is very special?
H: Yeah, it's the button from a friend's favorite grandmother's coat.

Dot: Oh... I uhm... I gotta go... uh... put something out.
H: ... oh my.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ees Brilliant!


H: Whoa, what's with all the books, Dot?
D: I'm doing something. Something IMPORTANT.

H: What's that?
Dot: Hold on, *puts books down and wanders off*

*Deeno and Sulfer meander over towards the books*
Deeno: Well, this is it...
Sulfer: I can't believe I let you talk me into this! Look at these books, they're plastic, they don't even open! Dot is such a nut.

Dot: Oooh, goood, you est here! Time for ze learning!
Deeno: AAAAH!
Sulfer: JEEZ MAN! You trying to kill us? And what's wrong with your face?

Dot: First, ve vill learn of the Scientific Theory, next, WORLD DOMINATION!
Sulfer: Uh... your book is upside down. Do you even know how to read?
Deeno: ... ... ...
Dot: Hold on, I vill be right back!
Deeno: ... ... ...
Dot: Zer is something missing, I shall fix!

Sulfer: SEE DEENO!! I told you he'd be up to something crazy!!!
Deeno: Yeah... maybe we should skeedadle?
Sulfer: Who is he supposed to be, anyways, Einstein?!
Deeno: I suspect so...

Dot: Aaaaaah, peeeeeerfect!
Deeno: Doesn't this mean we're dumb?
Sulfer: *GRUMBLE*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Dot: Welcome, Welcome! Gather round for a lively tale!
H: Excuse me... where in the world did that monocle come from?
Dot: All great thinkers have a monocle. Its origins are of little consequence.
H: ... and... where are my glasses?
H: ...
H: ...
H: ...
Dot: er...
H: Actually... that's pretty impressive... a bear-sized monocle from my glasses... yes... impressive
Dot: Haha! Then... let us carry on with the show!
H: I said impressive, not unpunishable.
Dot: Oh...

This is H speaking! Don't worry, Dot only had his monocle taken away... although there's no amount of glue that can help the tiny, tiny circle that was so meticulously cut from my eyeglasses. He will have more adventures, I promise... they just won't include my glasses!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is Dot

Often Dot leaves your mind spinning in a state of ' . . . '

It's not his fault, mind you... he's just inquisitive, and sometimes his logic is hard to follow.

Here you will see his adventures... and oh, will he have adventures!