Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ees Brilliant!


H: Whoa, what's with all the books, Dot?
D: I'm doing something. Something IMPORTANT.

H: What's that?
Dot: Hold on, *puts books down and wanders off*

*Deeno and Sulfer meander over towards the books*
Deeno: Well, this is it...
Sulfer: I can't believe I let you talk me into this! Look at these books, they're plastic, they don't even open! Dot is such a nut.

Dot: Oooh, goood, you est here! Time for ze learning!
Deeno: AAAAH!
Sulfer: JEEZ MAN! You trying to kill us? And what's wrong with your face?

Dot: First, ve vill learn of the Scientific Theory, next, WORLD DOMINATION!
Sulfer: Uh... your book is upside down. Do you even know how to read?
Deeno: ... ... ...
Dot: Hold on, I vill be right back!
Deeno: ... ... ...
Dot: Zer is something missing, I shall fix!

Sulfer: SEE DEENO!! I told you he'd be up to something crazy!!!
Deeno: Yeah... maybe we should skeedadle?
Sulfer: Who is he supposed to be, anyways, Einstein?!
Deeno: I suspect so...

Dot: Aaaaaah, peeeeeerfect!
Deeno: Doesn't this mean we're dumb?
Sulfer: *GRUMBLE*


  1. Oh my world, this is so cute!! Got to follow:)

  2. hahaha that is soo cute!!!
    love dot:)