Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Fuuuuuuuuuuudgeeeeeeeeeee....

Only, that wasn't what was said that day... 

Dash: Hey, Dot, look! The Cavey have given us some chocolate fudge!!! 
I think they are trying to be friendly!

Dot: I guess... here... let me just cut into it a little more... 

Dash: Uh... Dot... are you cutting it wrong... something strange is happening... 

Dot: AAAAHHHH!!! No, dangit... this fudge is alive! It's dangerous! It's got sharp pointy teeth!!

Dot: Just back away slowly, Dash... back away and never look back.
Dash: Aww... but I really wanted some fudge.
Fudge: Grargle... 

Green Apple Cavey: Dude, that was awesome.
Red Apple Cavey: I know... if we had hands, I would so high-five you right now.


  1. Oh no, those dang Cavey are evil. EVIL I tell you.

    Dot, Dash - it's okay, eat the fudge. Those blasted Cavey wanted to scare you. It's okay, the fudge is okay to eat. They want it all to themselves, they don't want to share.

    Don't be frightened. Tell H what they did, maybe she will send them to "the basement" where it's dark and scary.

    Enjoy the fudge, it isn't alive. It's just chocolate & sugar. Go, have some for me too.

    CAVEY ARE EVIL. EVIL, I tell you.

    Heaps of Hugs

    I love that movie, M&D let us watch it the other night. We laughed & laughed. (o:

  2. Oh my, fudge that bites back you say? That does sound scary. We think you should creep up on it slowly so as not to antagonise it, then go from the bottom - it couldn't lie flat if it was spiky on both sides

    Lots of hugs and sticky, honey covered kisses

    The Clan

    PS, M&M and LT went shopping for your Christmas pressies in London and Glasgow, what fun! They'll be in the post on Monday, so, err, they'll be happy Hogmanay pressies!