Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quick Review of NYC

D: I went to NYC with H... and here is what I thought:

Dramatically underfed! I guess birds evolved from Dinosaurs... I wonder if T-Rex tastes like chicken?

BEST. RAMEN. EVER. I will never be able to eat the cheap stuff happily again... which is so very, very sad... I love the cheap stuff...

I guess this is famous or something, it was behind glass and there were a lot of big people crowding around it.... I don't see what the big deal was.

Chicken Curry Sandwich with Cranberry chutney and fresh fruits and veggies! Definitely more exciting than some dumb ol' painting.

Faeries? Central Park is straaaange....
That was my trip to NYC, in a quick NY second!
There will be more... but I don't know how to upload pictures from the camera!


  1. Hi Dot,

    Wow, did you go on an airplane? Isn't it exciting? Although when Mom & I went it was before 911 - flying was fun and I got to sit on Mom's lap, Mom always bought me a "state" pin from each airport that we traveled through. Yep - those were the good old days.

    Maybe your Mom will take you to NYC at Christmas some time. Now that is when it's lots of fun - and cold. And Radio City - The Christmas show, oh boy....Lindy's Cheesecake (yummy).

    Your Mom will help you upload more pictures. Mom's are good with always helping us. (o: Gotta love 'em.

    Hugs, and send more pictures.

    Prudence & Sissy
    (Mom is busy cleaning, yuck)

  2. Hmm, what is this "flying" you speak of?
    No... I got to spend 12 hours in a car... each way. It was ok though, there were snacks... and we stopped for a lot of coffee.

  3. We love car rides. Mom - not so much. A 12 hour trip with her would be difficult, to say the least.

    Snacks - yum. We hope "H" packed plenty of honey for you.

    The flying stuff - not so good anymore, stay with the car rides. That way you can bring all your "stuff". (o:

    Lots of hugs,
    "The Girls"

  4. Looks like a very fun trip, with lots of yummy food.

  5. Great pictures... and I wonder, if T-Rex tastes like chicken, too... *lol* Funny idea! :o)

    Beary hugz

  6. I've lived in the east coast but never get the chance to visit NYC. Thanks for taking me there!

    About that painting - Starry Starry Night, I believe. Yeah, I feel you... My 4-year can draw that. :)