Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adios, Amigos! HAHA!

This little bear is going INTERNATIONAL! BWA HAHAHAHAHA! First step in world domination? VISITING THE WORLD!
(see me! I am the speck on top of his head!!... he seems skeptical about my insistence that I need to have the best vantage point... for security sake... to, you know, protect us from attacks and stuff)

So, H's brother, C, is going to Spain for a month, and I am tagging along. He's going to be hiking across Northern Spain, and I know H is hoping that both he and I make it back ok!
I will be going, of course, for the food... but I'm sure I'll see some stuff on the way... and then I'll be a world traveler!
The downside? You will have to live without me until Sept 30th, aka, my triumphant return!!

These pics are of me and C at the airport, abo
ut to leave (I am on top of the blue backpack there)... thank goodness I qualified as carry-on! Unfortunately, H couldn't follow C very far... and C already has some pics of us that are exclusive to his camera... so I can't share those until I return either... but hey... sometimes sacrifices must be made!

So, Adios, Amigos! I will see you in a month! (H might update while I am gone... she might have some old pics of
me laying around or something... cause, you know... I know how much you all will miss me.)


  1. Oh Dot,

    What an amazing opportunity to travel with H's brother to Spain. OMG!!!

    Now make sure that C takes you everywhere and shows you everything fun and interesting.

    Of course we will miss you but knowing that you are on holiday makes us happy.

    Safe travel, little friend, safe travel.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence & Sissy

  2. Hi Dot,

    We're so jealous that you're getting to explore out there! LT says we're getting to cross a border in November, when we go down to Englad for a bear fair. Apparently some of us might get to go on some grand adventure after that...

    Have a great holiday


    Beech, Birch, Tupelo, Oakley, Maisey, Lilac and Lulu