Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's that thing?

Dash: What is this thing... I... don't know...
Green Apple Cavey: o_o


  1. Oooooooooooh boy, so that's a Cavey. Dot, what is it? Dash, do you think it's an alien?

    Does it glow in the dark? Be careful. Sorta has a cute face, and a wee little smile. Hmm, I don't think you have anything to worry about. H would never have something that would harm or scare you. But I'm sure glad he isn't here. )o:

    Keep me posted......


  2. Dot: I can't believe Dash even got that close to it... it's like a Kirby, I suspect one day it will open it's little smiley mouth and swallow us all!!!

    And HOOOO boy are you being kind in terms of H... She would definitely have things that scare us!

    Dash: But... but Dot... that's cause everything scares us...

    Dot: Speak for yourself!! H buys tons of things that are scary; Ball Jointed Dolls, fingernail clippers, SOCKS! I got lost in a sock once for days... and after writing a very lengthy letter explaining why they are SO dangerous... she STILL hasn't gotten rid of them!
    It is true, though, that she wouldn't hurt us. She's got that going for her at least.

    Dash: I dunno... I kinda like the Cavey.

    Dot: BLASPHEMY!!!!!

  3. Oh boy, where do I begin....

    Let's start with socks. Yup, they can be dangerous to little bears but the humans need them to keep their feet warm. Stay clear and don't go and investigate.....

    Humans like to collect things, ball jointed dolls, for instance, again - stay clear or ask H to show one to you and Dash. Maybe when you see one up close you will understand that they will not hurt you.

    You wanna hear about scary - M & D adopted a doggie, Jessie, 3 years ago. Oh she wasn't that big and very sweet - but she kept growing. Now M tells us that she is a Black Lab/Great Dane mix. Jessie has never tried to carry me around and we are the best of friends but I was scared when I first met her. She needed a good home and M&D have big hearts....and it's okay.

    The Cavey - can you pretend that it isn't there? Maybe ignore it and it will go away? Or do you think if you asked H to hide it she would do that for you?

    It's that time of the year when EVERYONE needs to be good, not just us bears, but the humans too.

    Keep me posted....and please don't be scared. I worry about you, you are my friends.

    Oh, the vacuum cleaner - that is an alien and I do believe it would eat me if it catches me. I run when I hear it and hide.

    Heaps of Hugs

  4. Heather Ü ¡Ya estoy aquí!! Y feliz de ser tu seguidora!!!
    Que oso mas lindo ¡Me encanta!!!
    Un abrazo