Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A note on desserts...

D: One would think that if such splendor 
as a Pumpkin Creme Brulee appeared,
then sharing would commence,
with those one loved and revered.

And when the Pumpkin Cake came out,
covered in ice cream and candied nuts,
The forks would be lovingly passed out,
so everyone could share in equal cuts.

One... would think.

H: Uh oh... 


  1. Oh Dot,

    The humans wouldn't share with you and Dash? Now that isn't very mannerly, especially so close to Christmas, is it?

    Huh, I think it's time for the teddy revolt.

    Heaps of Hugs, and I feel your pain.


  2. H is full of Bah, Humbug!

    No, she claimed that a certain bear was looking a little heavy on the stuffing... and perhaps should cut back! The NERVE!!!

    Not to mention... she has these wretched new things called Cavey (who will show up here sooner rather than later)... and the little weasels get to do everything! A war is about to be waged!!!

  3. Dot -

    Don't let H get away this and Dash can make things pretty scary for her.

    Put on your "thinking caps", maybe you could hide her needles & threads, or without the stuffing she can't finish the "Cavey". But I am curious about what they are.

    Go sit by your Christmas tree (she does have a tree for you two, yes?) and plan.....

    Heaps of Hugs and if you need some ideas just let me know.


  4. Wot, no sharing on the sweets? We agree with Prudence, we think you should be revolting too!

    Huh, no sharing on the sweets indeed...

    Big hugs and sticky, honey covered kisses

    The Thistle Patch Clan

  5. H: Hey hey hey! Now waaaaait a minute... SOME little bear opted to stay in the hotel room and order in and watch the nature channel... I cannot be blamed for bad choosing on said little bear's part... only for being foolish enough to take pictures of what he was missing out on!

    Oh! And Prudence... Cavey are actually not made by me... they are just my current obsession. Dot does not approve!

  6. Continuing to be on Dot's side (Dash's too), you could have brought them back some yummy goodies.

    Dot, if there is something/body "lurking" about the house you and Dash can just take it/them and put it in your stash. You two do have a stash, right? Ya know....things that just "disappear" without a trace. TAKE THE CAVEY'S.

    Heck, our stash is huge, and of course we just blame Jessie (doggy) because she does steal. (o: Ya gotta always be on your bear toes. Hahahahaha....

    No excuse for H. )o:


  7. H: ahh, I should have been smarter... a bear will ALWAYS side with snacks XD

  8. Our tummy's rule..... (o:

    Happy Weekend Little Friends & H too.

    Heaps of Hugs