Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hey... Dot... Wake UP!

Dash: Psst, psst... Dot, Dot are you awake? Are you sleeping? Wake up, wake up... there are strange creatures on the desk!!!

D: Huh? *mumblemumble* ACK! Why are you so close?! *pushes Dash away* and... what are these strange creatures?

Dash: See! Look at em... all... Roly. That's just not right. They're suspect, I tell ya! SUSPECT!

D: I suspect that our suspicions will suspiciously lead us to suspect the deliciousness of these "Rolos" to be suspiciously delicious, thus further arousing our suspicions.

Dash: Huh? I just wanna roll em off the edge of the desk and be done with em. They creep me out.


  1. Dear Dot & Dash,

    BE CAREFUL, those things could have aliens in them......

    Wait - we were too hasty, maybe there is honey in one of them - yummy. Or prezzies for you both. (o:

    Be careful, let you "Mom" investigate.....

    Prudence & Sissy

  2. Misae, who is as much of the Clan as has been able to travel with me for work, says she thinks you boys should unwrap those things and see what happens...



  3. Listen to Prudence and Sissy...they are SMART bears!!! :)

  4. D: It must be said, H took them away to "Investigate"... making me suspect that they were, in fact, something delicious.