Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Arrival

S: Hai!
D: Who the heck are you?!
S: I'm Summer! I live with you now!!
D: Why does everything you say sound like an exclamation?
S: Because!
D: ... well... ok kid, here's the ropes.
If you have any questions, ask Wise Old Mr. Panda.

S: Why are you so short, Mr. Panda?!
Panda: That is 'Wise OLD Mr. Panda' dear... and I am so short so as better to gain perspective on the world around me. From beneath one sees both the great height of expectation, and the expected fall from the height of greatness.
S: OK!
D: Uh... what?
Panda: One who asks, does not know. One who answers, suffers a fool.
D: Heeeey.....
S: Next!

D: Yeah, next... *backs away from Wise Old Mr. Panda* So, anyways, next we've got the minions. They're all the same, they can't even tell each other apart... so don't worry about that.
D: Yeah, they're pretty cute... but they'll latch on and never let go, so only use them if you are in dire need.
S: What's 'dire need'?
D: I think it's like, RIT dye and kool aid and stuff.
S: I like Kool Aid!
D: Me too.

S: Who are they?
D: No one, never speak of them again, and never look them directly in the eyes!

D: Do you think you've got it, kid?
S: Yup!
D: Good, stick with me and you'll be just fine.

Summer, the latest member of the cast, came from the lovely Laurie Wicks of www.laurieloubears.com


  1. Summer is lovely and sure she'll have a great home with you x

  2. I think she likes it here... but... she might get herself in trouble under Dot's guidance!!!!

  3. ...really cute bears and nice pictures! Thank you for showing! :o)