Monday, May 10, 2010

The weekend brought rewards... snack rewards.

D: Hello All, I'm pleased to report that I return to you a changed bear....
I now know FOR SURE that H has been holding out on me in the snack department!
H: Oooh boy, here it comes...

D: After my daring dash with H's phone, I headed out into the wild world to taste its overflowing bounty of snackiness!
H: You know... I caught you about five seconds after you grabbed my phone and ran...

D: First up was breakfast... it was at a quaint little wood-cabinish diner out in the middle of nowhere! While we were there it began to snow heavily... so I ordered myself several nice, big, warm slabs of bacon, drenched them in syrup, and dug in. It was DIVINE!
H: No...I ordered myself some bacon and you snatched it and took off like a greedy little bugger!
D: You're just jealous that I ate all the bacon...

D: Next up was the All-You-Can-Eat-Crab-Leg-Buffet, it was a long, difficult word, but if you were capable of saying it to the waitstaff, you were richly rewarded! Between crab legs and cake... I have to say, there is now a sign outside of the Buffet that says, "No BEARS Allowed"
H: The only reason the sign says "No Bears Allowed" is because you grabbed a pen and wrote it there... we were almost banned permanently for that!
D: Well, they should have known better than to let a Bear into a Buffet.

D: Next was a little place called The Cherry Republic. Evidently it's a WHOLE NATION of snacks!! And they just GIVE THEM AWAY!!!! I heard the term "samples" and "moderation" thrown around... but I'm sure they weren't talking to me. I have to say, The Cherry Republic is a VERY generous vacationing spot, and I highly recommend it!

H: I think the women working there would have kicked you out, had they not been so entranced by one little bear methodically eating every sample they had laid, with such relish.
D: *ignoring H* That was it for this weekends Grand Snack Tour... I plan on having more adventures tonight when I discover something called... COFFEE.

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